Thank you for delivering two excellent workshops. 
Rescare Homes Trust
Thank you so much for your time and presentation on Friday, The people were very happy with your presentation and found it really helpful and all learnt a lot.
There were somethings that we hadn't ever heard about before so this was extremely helpful information.
The handouts were well received and many took them home with them to further read it was nice that the conversations around lunch were how interesting and informative you were and they enjoyed your time with us
Thank you so much.
Salvation Army 

"The Snowy's Talent Book is a great read." 


"Thanks for the Snowy's Talent Book.  it's a heartwarming read, Kids really enjoyed it"                                                       Laura

"The session was very informative and exactly what my group of drivers needed to have as it enables them to use what they learnt if ever in a situation with an epileptic person.  Whether that be with students they are transporting or during their day to day life."                                 

Sarai - Wellington Combined Taxis

"On behalf of Belmont School, we would like to say thank you for your publication, "Epilepsy First Aid"  It will certainly be a valuable resource."
Belmont School
"I would like to thank you for the Epilepsy First Aid resource books.  These provide valuable information for our staff to support PBS students."
Jess Ward- Paraparaumu Beach School

"Thanks for the book Krystle.   We have placed it in our 1st aid room. Thanks for this!" 

Craig Vidulich- Kapanui School 

"Just wanted to say a huge thanks for our recently received Epilepsy first aid book that has been added to our first aid resources.  This an important doc for us.  Once again thanks so much." 
 Darren Kerr, Principal- Wharema School
"Thank you for your Epilepsy First Aid Presentation.  Was well received from all our shareholders and drivers."
Jim Mcwilliams, Taxis United 

“The Epilepsy First Aid book was a great read and affirms things that I have learnt from one of the Para cyclists I coach and his family that has epilepsy. Especially just keeping him safe until the seizure is over. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to increase their knowledge related to epilepsy and caring for those that have the condition.”

Kerry Reyburn (Para cycling coach, Whangarei)

"Krystle recently came and spoke at both of our support group meetings. Not only did she talk about her fabulous book and how it came about, she also shared her personal story of living with epilepsy  and the challenges she has faced because of this. Krystle is an articulate speaker who easily communicates her message. Everyone who came to the group learned and gained a lot from it. Thanks so much Krystle."

Brain Injury Wellington

"The World Health Organisation states that “Epilepsy is the most common serious brain disorder worldwide with no age, racial, social class, national nor geographic boundary.”  One person in 20 will have an epileptic seizure at some time in their life. Witnessing an epileptic seizure can be traumatic as the observer feels helpless and often think the person seizing is dying.  Having a basic knowledge of what a seizure is, the different types of seizures, what they look like, and what to do when you see one is invaluable for people who are not familiar with epilepsy. If they find themselves in a situation where someone has a seizure near them it will help them manage this better which will be beneficial for the person with epilepsy.  This Epilepsy First Aid book produced by Krystle Crimmins provides up to date information and is a useful tool for anyone wanting to improve their epilepsy first aid knowledge."

Associate Professor Lynette Sadleir

MBChB, Dip Paeds, FRACP, MD

Re publication Epilepsy First Aid by Krystle Crimmins

"I am happy to endorse this publication written by Krystle. This is entirely her work with some revision re syndrome classification which changes frequently.

It presents a view on the management of epileptic seizures as seen from the perspective of a person with epilepsy rather than a clinician and as such is pretty novel.

Krystle is very motivated and I wish the publication every success"

Dr T V Stanley
Consultant paediatrician and Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics

"That ENZ provides endorsement to Krystle Crimmins book, “Epilepsy First Aid 2018”